Terms of Use

Introduction :

Trackiness is a software as a service, providing tracking numbers as a solution for some legal business models.

User Agreements :

We are offering this service for software sellers which they can't prove or fullfill their orders and they are losing money.

You are not allowed to share your account with your friends.

We have the right to suspend your account if you changed your browser or open any dispute on our payment gatways.

We have the right to suspend your access to our API, if we noticed any harmful actions towards our services or database. (in case you are taking our unlimited data)

You have the right to report any tracking number, that doesn't work for you by contacting us.

Restrictions :

You cannot use our services if you are :

  • Spamming money and want the funds to be released
  • Working as a black hat, which means you are not delivering the right product/service to your customers.
  • Running out with funds and letting negative balance on payment gatways you are using.
  • Any other illegal activity or forbidden action.
We are not assuming the responsibility of any mess-use of our service, in front of any country law or any religion rules.
Users Question & Answer :
Does really Trackiness blacklist used numbers ?

Yes, we have a section for used tracking numbers. We can guarantee that and this is why you would choose us.

Unfortunetely, you can't do this, due to our protection system, you can only use one browser and if you wish to change your browser. You may consider to contact us.

You can get our API or an account with unlimited subscription, feel free to contact us for more details and how to subscribe.

The whole data is secured, including your emails and passwords. For your password, we did encrypt it with a Bcrypt Encryption which is considered from the best hashing methods.